For a long time considered as a utilitarian accessory, socks have become, in a few years, a real fashion accessory. Indeed, today we assume them and we show them!

Whether they are coloured, sequined, patterned, polka dots, stripes ... they dress the foot to create a unique style. This fashion accessory is now an essential part of your outfit. But how did they go from a purely utilitarian accessory to a fashion accessory? We explain it all to you!

The democratization of the sock

Over the last ten years, socks have become a real fashion accessory. Although they are now visible, they have long been hidden to go unnoticed. 

Indeed, they were rather considered as a protection between his feet and his shoes. Moreover, their colors were often limited to black and white, or even gray for the most original styles. 

The democratization of the socks is explained by the fashion of the trousers at the expense of the skirts with sticking.

This new fashion has opened up socks to a wider market and has encouraged the growth of their sales. As a result, we have placed more and more importance on this small object.

From democratization to fashion accessory

The trend of original socks is explained by the end of the fashion for patterned ties. Indeed, the tie has long been the essential accessory of the suit. It gave a touch oforiginality to one's outfit.

With the end of the fashion for patterned ties, men no longer had anoriginal accessory to brighten up their clothing. As a result, socks quickly became the essential element to bring originality to an outfit and a suit. In fact, today they are the basis for original sock competitions in the office.

Finally, the fashion for chinos and rolled-up trouser bottoms, whether for men or women, has given them visibility. They are given all the attention they deserve. Today, we allow ourselves all kinds of fantasy: bright colors, patterns, stripes, polka dots....and all heights: short, socks, high ...

We play on materials with wool in winter, Scottish thread, cotton, cotton cotton

Our vision of the sock at soketi

At soketi, we make sure that all our fancy socks can be worn with a suit or a casual outfit. Most of our models are patterned. They allow you to highlight your passions: wine with the Vincent and Emile models, cycling with our Raymond socks, scooter rides with the Florence model.

We make sure that all our models give a classy, elegant and original look. Our color combinations are worked to revive the whole of your outfits.

Beyond our sleek socks, we pay a lot of attention to the quality and ethics of our products. That's why all our socks are made in France, top of the range and are made with high quality yarns and certified Oeko-Tex. This means that they do not contain any toxic products for human beings and are environmentally friendly.

Moreover, we have chosen to use the made in France method to promote French know-how and employment in France.

Socks have gone from being a utilitarian accessory to a trendy accessory in a few years. So don't hesitate to proudly show your soketi socks !